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Fashion Clothings Tips for Plus Size Men

Just because you are a plus size man doesn’t mean that you don’t have any choice but to just stick with black T-shirts. Today’s fashion industry has been notoriously unforgiving for men who are on the larger end of the scale. Or, it used to be this way at least. Yes, the runways might still be filled with men who look like they stepped out of magazine covers or women with a fancy crop top. But, more and more high street brands have come to the realization that average man is now getting bigger and yes, they don’t need to be confined to black T-shirts anymore.

Gone are the days when you need to hide your bigger body. While it is a shame that it took too long before people realized that all shapes are stylish as long as you know how to do it right, there are now lots of options for plus size men for them to embrace fashion clothings.

Here are some of the most important rules every bigger guy should remember to look stylish at all times:

Fit is What Matters the Most
When you have some extra weight, it is easy to be tempted to go for a bigger size to hide the flab or try to squeeze in everything with tighter clothes. Unfortunately, neither of these two work. Both of these don’t do anything to hide your shape and instead, it just accentuates it even more. What you should do instead is to look for fashion clothings that have some structure and fit you well. The structure can create that flattering silhouette.

Befriend a Tailor
Most fashion brands create clothes that fit all men or at least, their view of how men look like. If you diverge from this vision further, the more difficult it will be for you to dress up. Tailors bridge the gap between reality and vision. They can give shape to loose shirts, more room to tight waistbands, and generally ensure that your fashion clothings fit you better to make them look much better, too.

Be Careful with Colors
Plain and dark colors might be more flattering on your plus size body but it doesn’t mean that you should ditch bright hues completely. A pocket square with more colors can lift away the eyes from your waistline. It is a trick that can work for all tops, whether it is a yellow beanie or a red scarf.

Take Note of Patterns
Patterns can be very powerful and when there are more of them, their effects can even be more powerful. Busy prints on big frames can feel somewhat overwhelming. You might want to think straightforward and classic instead.

Go for Layers
If your body wasn’t honed in a gym that fashion clothings frustrate you, you can always turn to layering. Your goal here is to create shape and not bulk so choose overshirts, chore jackets, and thin knits. These are weighty enough without being clingy.
Don’t let your plus size stop you from flaunting your style. Use these tips and flaunt your clothes with confidence!