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Types of Logical Fallacies

Logic is a trait that seems to be in short supply these days, with the advent and barrage of deceptive online and offline mass marketing and mass propaganda machineries. Here’s how to arm yourself with an invulnerable logical mind and the know-how to spot charlatans and their fallacious weapons of mass deception.

Let’s look at the different types of logical fallacies people use to trick you.

Distraction by attempting to compare two things that are truly incomparable but made to seem as if they were.

Generalization based on too little or irrelevant “evidence”. Jumping to conclusions by applying one example onto the general whole. Making a conclusive statement as if it were a valid verifiable fact when in truth, insufficient, inaccurate and irrelevant information had been collected to form its basis.

False Causality  
False causality is when someone says that one thing causes another when in fact the two are not connected in any way at all. Usually, it is just that it so happens that one thing occurs after the other in sequence, creating the illusion that the earlier thing is the cause that results in the later thing.

Judging Based on Personality
Judging the validity of the message based on the personality of the one bearing it and not the intrinsic quality or usefulness of the message itself.

Playing to Emotions
Playing to the emotions to swerve opinions on a matter. Common examples include highlighting plights of unfortunate victims, potential consequences to the family or changes in the environment in order to persuade people to do things.

Manufacture Truth Through Authority
Abusing authority to manufacture a “truth”. Using an authority from an entirely different field to support a claim unrelated to his field of expertise. For example, Cardi B commenting on the economic policies of China.

Misleading Illustration of Consequences.
Suggesting that all the results of an action will be entirely positive or negative when in fact there are both elements and risks of positive and negative effects available.

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Home Decor Accessories for an Elegant House

Though it is exciting to design the interior decor of the house, the process gets overwhelming. Choosing from a wide range of home decor accessories Singapore  has to offer is a huge task. It also becomes impossible to decide what goes well and what looks absurd. While choosing home decor accessories, you also have to consider the current trends. Besides all of these, you need to take care of the small details. So, be aware of all these demands before you set on a journey to decorate your house.

Here are some of the tips on home decor accessories that may come in handy and useful.

Paintings Gallery
There is no home decor accessory that can replace the message and classiness of paintings. Choose attractive and classy paintings for your living room space. Unique artwork and minimalist frames would bring a bright statement to your home. It shows the level of intelligence and smartness of the homeowners. Since paintings display the status of the homeowners, be careful to choose wisely.

Using space on the Wall
Most of us take the wall for granted, or we just decorate it with paintings. Though decent and elegant wall paintings are good to go, you can go with other wall accessories. Experimentation and innovation are not bad if you follow an expert’s advice. Experts recommend experimenting with the Indonesian or central Asian hangs. These hangs provide a comfortable and warm feeling in the personal rooms or living rooms.

Use a Stylish and Thematic Throw Rug
Throw rugs can never go wrong. In the winter, a throw rug saves you from the cool breezes. You can purchase a stylish and expensive throw rug matching the theme of your house. If you are unable to find a throw rug for your sofas or bed, you can go with the sheepskin emerald throw rug. A throw rug will make your sofa or bed look more unique.

Graphic Prints in Small Spaces
You should opt for graphic prints in the spaces that are too small. For instance, you can do the graphic prints in the powder room. Floral prints in the powder room will speak about your classy statement. It defines your delicate and lovely taste of the interior decor.

Display of the Collectibles
Whether you travel or not, valuable collectibles attract and inspire most people. You can decorate all your rooms with collectibles that discuss your travel history. You can spread your valuable and significant collectibles on the table or over the shelves. Just put them at a comfortable place that can be directly seen by the visitors. A view of the valuable collectibles would awe the visitors greatly.

Mix the Interior decor
You do not have to follow the modern decor ideas. You should try to mix the old with the new to make a fusion style. Be assured that the fusion interior styling helps homeowners in bringing a taste of interest and fascination to their houses.

Bottom Line
These are some of the top tips that help you in decorating your house greatly.

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Type of Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing involves the promotion of a website that is carried out through virtual channels. Since most target markets have shifted online, marketing agencies have been transformed as well. Nowadays, consumers purchase products after checking their online presence. If you are not online, they doubt the quality of your product. So, it is very essential to have an active online digital presence. There are many types of digital marketing through which you can reach the right target market and multiply your profits. These types are given below.

Types of Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO, an acronym of Search Engine Optimization, is a widely used digital media marketing tool. This marketing tool helps in increasing the rank of the website in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). If your website is SEO-friendly, people reach your website through organic searches. So, if you invest in SEO marketing by engaging an experienced ecommerce SEO agency, you can reap many practical benefits.

Search Engine Marketing
This is a paid advertising in which you purchase the spots on the user’s SERP. This is a popular pay per click (PPC) method in which users reach a particular website by clicking on an advertisement. Each time a user clicks on the ad, you are charged for each click (hence the name PPC). This is a widely used marketing program that is profitable if you have a huge budget.

Social Media Marketing
This is a lucrative option that benefits you to a greater extent. When you go to social media for marketing your product, you reach your target audience and reap huge benefits. There are billions of people using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. You can run effective media campaigns to spread the knowledge of your brand.

Affiliate Marketing
This is a type of marketing of products that is done by another person for the brand. The third-party is usually a blogger who promotes the brand on his website in return for a stipulated payment. There are many websites that charge for the affiliate marketing of the products.
By agreeing to pay a particular website, you reach their active users.

Influencer Marketing
This is an important form of marketing in which a celebrity or online influencer endorses and promotes your product. She or he usually promotes the product in paid partnership with the brand. They publish the post on their social media pages. You reach their millions of fans through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a time-tested marketing tool that returns to the user a lot of benefits.

Email Marketing
This is the perfect marketing tool for businesses who want to reach their target market via their email boxes. You can send promotional emails to the users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and tell them about all the exciting discounts and offers. This creates a special bond between the audience and the customer.

Digital marketing is an effective way of increasing the reputation of your brand in the digital world. If done right, you end up getting more leads, sales and extra revenue is generated.